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The home combined insurance policy are designed to indemnity and assist you in the event of damage to your home or personal property caused by any of the following perils:

  • Fire, lighting, thunderbolts, explosion
  • Non-political riot strikes and malicious damage
  • Storm, tempest and flooding
  • Bursting or out flowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes
  • Theft, or any attempt thereat
  • Accidental falling trees and branches
  • Breakages or collapse of television or radio aerials, satellite dishes
  • Accidental escape of water or oil from any fixed domestic water or heating installation.

Whether you rent or own your own home, we offer wider coverage with many options to choose from.  You first need to understand what home combined policy covers under its 3 sections.

Section 1: House owners (Buildings)


It covers the physical structure of your home, permanent structures on your premises, which include garages, sheds, outbuilding, swimming pools including pumps, motor and filters.  Also covered are the walls/durawalls, fences around and pertaining to the same premises.


Section 2:  Households (Contents)


To protect movable personal property, mostly household contents. This encompasses all items from curtains to books in the shelves.  In our home combined policy you need not to specify anything, but simply decide at inception, a blanket value that will cover all your contents.  We however request that you submit make/model and serial numbers of audio and visual accessories to allow recovery in the event of theft.


Section 3:  All Risks


Meant to protect special items like jewellery, silverware, cameras, cell phones.  These are portable items usually carried out of the house and are more prone to loss or damage.


Associated Forms


Claims -


Cash in Lieu

Cellular Phone Claim Form

Fire Lightning Storm

Police Report Theft

Property Claim


Total Loss Acceptance


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Inventory Form

Proposal for Domestic Insurance